Real Estate Consultancy provides real estate solutions for businesses


  • Supporting property users and occupiers
  • Involved with charity sector since 2001
  • Customer-focussed and empathetic


  • Managing an organisation’s operational property to meet the challenge of evolving business need
  • From the whole portfolio to single projects


  • Embedded within organisation providing inside help with the outside world
  • Bridging gap between the organisation and the property business
  • Results orientated andstraightforward, simple messages, able to communicate at all levels
  • RICS professional standards
Case Studies
Property strategy

Delivering a business strategy often needs a property response. The more far-reaching the business strategy, the more likely this will be. Read more...

Organisational Change

British Red Cross decided both to reduce the number of services it delivered from as many as 18 to about half a dozen key services. Read more...

Shop portfolio management

All charities need to raise money to enable them to carry out their charitable activities. Read more...