Stuart Findlay

Stuart Findlay
The experience. Stuart holds an honours degree in Urban Land Economics, is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (general practice faculty) and has more than 35 years hands-on commercial property experience. Stuart set up REC in 2006 to focus on delivering real estate advice to the charity sector, following 5 years at property strategy management consultants Corpra and 14 years as property manager with kitchen-to-joinery firm Magnet.

REC’s clients include Save the Children Fund, Macmillan Cancer Support, Princess Alice Hospice, Viridian Housing, St Elizabeth Hospice and YMCA England for whom a wide range of real estate tasks and projects have been carried out

At Corpra, Stuart carried out various research and analytical projects, provided Executive Management of their real estate for Cancer Research UK, Age Concern England and Save the Children Fund and carrying out special projects for British Red Cross – a major re-alignment of real estate to meet radically changed services delivery – and Shelter – refitting a dozen shops in a new format.

In the private sector, Stuart has provided external corporate advice to Anker Systems, an IT retail and hospitality software specialist, managing over 9 years real estate issues throughout the UK and in Western Europe. At Magnet, over 14 years, Stuart was responsible for developing strategies for growth including acquisitions, refinancing, sale and leasebacks and disposals. Stuart experienced considerable change management challenges playing a key role during that businesses’ take-over by Beresford International

The expertise. Stuart has particular expertise handling large portfolios and managing complex projects, interacting with client staff at all levels, from board members to sales teams. His in-house experience enables him to view real estate as an insider, and his analytical and diagnostic ability enable him to direct major business and strategy projects. He has key expertise in ensuring that any real estate strategy can be effectively implemented and truly aligns with business objectives.

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