Main Services

General advice & support to businesses on their use of commercial property

  • Development of a Property Management Plan (PMP) setting out a property strategy with objectives, structures, control mechanisms, data management and business models
  • Rolling out the PMP across the organisation
  • Top to bottom involvement in  business to influence design of specific property solutions so they are deliverable and consistent with PMP
  • Involvement with Project Teams to ensure solution roll-out is delivered and to help manage change
  • Selection, appointment and management of external professionals to assist in the delivery of the PMP

Office Relocation & Other Acquisition Projects

  • Involvement with Projects that involve business reorganisation with space-use implications contributing towards the development of a Business Model
  • Using the Business Model to develop a Property Requirement including a Hypothetical Layout showing idealised space use and quantity required
  • Accessing the property market place to seek out opportunities in line with the Property Requirement to create a short-list of opportunities
  • Assisting in the selection process to identify preferences, coordinate development of Layouts, IT requirements, conducting negotiations leading to agreement of Heads of Terms
  • Managing the transaction process to bring together:
    • The carrying out of any Landlord work
    • The delivery of the Fitting –Out scheme
    • The legal documentation from Heads of Terms, through Exchange of Contracts and to Legal Completion
    • The exit from existing premises (and terminal work associated with it)
    • Associated budgeting and securing of internal approvals

Strategic Analysis and Road-Map Development

  • The Development of a Property Management Plan (PMP) can of itself comprise a major piece of work where it impacts fundamentally on the direction of travel of the organisation as a whole
  • This requires a wide & deep involvement in the business often starting with the collection and analysis of property data setting out the property platform as it currently stands
  • Comparing ‘where we are now’ with ‘where we want to be’ informs and enables the development of a Road Map setting out the steps necessary over time to achieve the required objective
  • Rolling out the Road Map

Charity Shop Management

  • REC has managed portfolios in size between 25 and 250 shops
  • A complete service:
    • Rent event negotiations including reviews, renewals & restructurings;
    • Acquisitions aimed at Q1 quality
    • Disposals aimed at Q4 culling;
    • Repairs & dilapidations
    • Shop-fits – new and re-fits
    • Data capture using our Infomatrix web-accessible database system
    • Relationship management – Landlords, Managing Agents, Sub-tenants, Neighbours, Local Authorities
    • Invoice checking & processing
    • Budgetary control
    • We manage and we control:
      • Focussing on objectives rather than tasks
      • Expenditure to ensure the correct amount is paid
      • Gaining an understanding of liabilities especially dilapidations
      • Softening the accounting impact though effective forecasting and minimising of accruals
      • Capturing and storing data
      • Effectively managing lease events especially those that impact on rent
    • We seek opportunities:
      • To reduce space; working with landlords to release unwanted upper parts
      • To gain exceptional benefits by maximising opportunities  especially through ‘forced’ relocation within schemes
    • Our style:
      • Normally reporting to the Head of Retail we seek to understand retail objectives adopting appropriate management methods & techniques, and developing, implementing & managing real estate solutions
      • We seek to establish good working relationships across the whole Retail Ops team from front-line to back-office. We adopt measures designed to reduce management distraction and the time taken up dealing with real estate issues.
      • REC operates  as overall manager, retaining overall responsibility & control, delegating specialist tasks to a range of trusted specialists
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